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Why is my Instagram Story not showing in my campaign or action?
Why is my Instagram Story not showing in my campaign or action?
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As with Instagram Posts, Roster is able to automatically capture Instagram Stories that you share while participating in a brand's campaign or action. There are a few reasons why your Instagram Stories might not get picked up automatically.

A quick way to confirm that your Instagram Professional account is connected properly is to look for the presence of the Refresh link within an Instagram Story campaign activity.

If you see the Refresh link, your account is configured correctly, and stories you post for campaigns and actions will automatically appear within two hours of sharing the story.

If you don't see the Refresh link, then read through the following sections highlighting the most common reasons why your stories aren't automatically being captured in a campaign or action.

Scenario 1:

You @mentioned and/or #hashtagged using stickers instead of the text tool

When sharing a story, it is essential that you add the @mention and #hashtag requirements using the text tool and not with the sticker tool. This is an unfortunate limitation with the data that Instagram sends to Roster.

Scenario 2:

You don't have an Instagram Professional account

Unlike Instagram Posts, which can be automatically captured from either an Instagram Personal or Instagram Professional account, Instagram Stories can only be pulled in from Instagram Professional accounts (aka Creator or Business accounts.

When participating in a campaign or action with an Instagram Story activity, if you see the Upload Story Screenshot button, it indicates that you have connected an Instagram Personal account with Roster.

Learn about the benefits of an Instagram Professional account, or plunge right in and switch your Personal account to start taking advantage of automatic story capturing.

Already have an Instagram Professional account? Learn how to connect Instagram Creator and Business accounts in Roster.

Scenario 3:

Have you connected your Instagram Professional account to a Facebook business page?

Switching to an Instagram Professional account is just the first of three steps necessary to enable automatic story capturing in Roster.

Learn how to connect your Instagram Creator or Instagram Business account to a Facebook business page, which is required to take advantage of this amazing time-saving feature.

Scenario 4:

You connected your Facebook and Instagram accounts incorrectly in Roster

There are two ways to connect Facebook and Instagram in Roster.

  • For personal Facebook and Instagram accounts, connect them separately on the Social Connections page.

  • If you have an Instagram Creator or Instagram Business account, you need to use the Business & Creator Accounts option, which connects your accounts through the Facebook account that is connected to your Facebook business page.

Scenario 5:

You haven't granted Roster the required Facebook permissions necessary to capture your Instagram Stories

If you have completed all the necessary steps mentioned earlier but still cannot locate the expected pink Refresh link in the Instagram Story section, it is likely that your Instagram connection is lacking crucial permission. This permission allows Roster to actively monitor the stories you share for campaigns and actions.

If you encounter the "Action Required" prompt while viewing a campaign or action, it means you need to take a specific action. To resolve this, click on the provided link and carefully follow the instructions to reconnect your Facebook account. By doing so, you will grant the required permissions to Roster, ensuring it can effectively capture and utilize your Instagram Stories for campaigns and actions.

If you don't see this Action Required prompt, the next best option is to navigate to the Social Connections page and disconnect your Facebook account and reconnect it.

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