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How to connect your Facebook and Instagram account to Roster
How to connect your Facebook and Instagram account to Roster

With Instagram Professional, content is captured more easily.

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In order for Roster to automatically capture Instagram Stories for the campaigns in which you participate, you will need to have an Instagram Professional account, and that account needs to be connected to an Instagram business page.

The process is broken into the following three steps. This guide covers Step 3 and assumes you have already completed Step 1 and Step 2.

Step 3: Connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts to Roster

You will connect directly with Facebook to add both your Facebook and Instagram accounts in Roster.

Before proceeding with these steps, ensure that you are logged into the Facebook account connected to your Instagram Professional account.

  • From your Roster ambassador account, click the three lines to access the Social Connections menu.

  • Click the Social Connections menu.

  • Click Add in the Instagram section.

  • Follow the prompt to connect your Instagram Professional account to Roster and Connect with Facebook (Instagram is owned by Facebook.)

  • Be sure to enable every toggle for each account you want to connect.

  • Click Continue as John (it will say the name of your Facebook account.

  • You're all done!! πŸŽ‰ The profiles you selected should appear in Roster. If you don't see one of your profiles, see Unable to connect Instagram or Facebook account

With your profiles connected, when you create stories, reels, or posts for campaigns and actions, as long as you follow the @mention and #hashtag requirements, your stories will be automatically captured in Roster. Keep in mind, social posts can take up to 24 hours to be pulled into the Roster platform.

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