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How to Customize Your Referral ID
How to Customize Your Referral ID
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Customizing your referral ID in Roster allows you to add a personal touch to the referral links you share with friends, followers, and potential customers. By customizing your referral ID, you can make the link feel more personalized and reflective of your brand ambassador identity. In this support article, we'll explore the process of customizing your referral ID in Roster, which can enhance your recommendations and provide a unique branding experience. Please note that the ability to customize your referral ID may vary depending on the brand's policies. However, regardless of customization availability, Roster still provides the means to track the success of your referrals.

  1. Go to the Roster Portal via your Magic Link and click "Referrals"

  2. Click "Customize Link"

  3. In the pop up you'll enter the custom Referral ID and then click "Save Referral ID"

  4. Your new Referral ID will then be reflected at the end of your Referral Link.

Where to share your custom link:

  • Text or email your friends and family

  • In your social profile bios

  • In a swipe-up IG Story (if applicable)

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