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Understanding Changes in Your Brand's Status: A Guide for Ambassadors
Understanding Changes in Your Brand's Status: A Guide for Ambassadors
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In the vibrant world of influencer marketing, we understand the importance of staying connected and informed. To empower you with greater transparency, we want to keep you in the loop about changes in your brand's account status. Below you'll find information on the various reasons you may be getting blocked out of your ambassador portal.

  1. Reminder for Payment Information Update:

    • Brand 30-Day Warning Period: If the brand you work with encounters payment issues, they will receive a prominent banner when they log in, informing them about a 30-day warning period. This message is a gentle reminder to the brand to update their payment information within 30 days. If the issue persists, the brand's access will be temporarily paused.

    • Ambassador Account Pause Notification: On day 30, when you log in to the ambassador portal, you'll see the following image:

      This visual cue indicates that the brand is taking a short break due to payment concerns. Rest assured, this pause is temporary and aims to resolve the payment issue.

  2. Cancellation Period:

    • Brand 30-Day Grace Period: Should a brand decide to cancel, you will receive a banner during days 20-30, explaining the brand's choice to discontinue platform use. You are informed that you can access your account for an additional 10 days:

    • Ambassador Account Deactivation: After the 10-day grace period ends, attempting to log in will display the following image:

      This indicates that the brand has officially stopped using the platform, and your account is no longer accessible.


At Roster, we believe in keeping you informed and empowered. These messages ensures that you are aware of any changes in your brand's account status, helping you understand the reasons behind changes to your ambassador portal.

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