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How to Sign Up & Participate in a Campaign
How to Sign Up & Participate in a Campaign
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Step 1: Sign Up with the Roster Platform

  • When you first get accepted into a brand’s program and receive the Application Accepted email, open this email and follow the button to agree to terms and be redirected to your ambassador account.

Step 2: Create Your Profile

  • Fill out the requested profile information (ie Name, Email Address, Phone Number, Home Address, etc)

Step 3: Connect your Social Accounts

  • This step is crucial in ensuring that we see your posts!

  • This lets us track metrics like reach and engagement without manually checking each account or having each person send a link to their posts. By connecting your account, it only pulls your number of followers, and engagement on posts that mention the brand

  • See this article for additional information on connecting your socials

Step 4: View & Participate in Campaigns

  • Once your account is all setup, you can view the campaigns you are invited to

  • Click "View Campaign" to review the brief, and click "Join Campaign" if you want to participate!

  • Click "Accept Terms & Conditions" to confirm that you will fulfill the campaign requirements

  • Create your content and post using the correct tags and hashtag requirements (must be in the caption) and the campaign will automatically be marked as complete!

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